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Aspirus Medford Foundation

Bill & Ursula are proud contributors to the Aspirus Medford Foundation.

Every 10 seconds, your friend, relative or neighbor is seen as a patient at Aspirus Medford Hospital, ER, or clinics.

Your gift to the Aspirus Medford Foundation is making a difference. From new equipment needs to specialized patient care programs, your gift helps provide high quality healthcare services for you, your family, and our communities - for generations.

Give Now.

Or - Open a CMMA at Forward Financial Bank.  A CMMA is a Charitable Money Market Account.  You deposit money in this account, just like any other checking/savings account, except that you also specify the Aspirus Medford Foundation as your charitable organization of choice.  At the end of the year, Forward Financial Bank will make a donation to the Foundation because you identified it as your charity of choice. 

Or - Participate in Aspirus Medford Foundation's
Charitable Golf Tournament.

Or - Attend Aspirus Medford Foundation's
Silent Auction.  

Or - Participate in the Tammy Graumann FIGHT THE CANCER Ride event in May.

The 7th annual Tammy Graumann FIGHT THE CANCER Ride successfully raised $6,789 to assist those battling a cancer diagnosis.  The ride is always planned for Mother's Day Saturday.  [For more information, contact Gene Graumann: 715-965-2116.]

Aspirus Medford Hospital is the medical center of choice for thousands of patients each year. The reason is simple …. Every employee at Aspirus Medford Hospital believes in and upholds the core values of Respect, Accountability, Innovation, Service, Excellence, and Safety. This passionate commitment to values is what provides the hospital with national recognition by peers and patients alike.

Perhaps Aspirus Medford Hospital has touched you, or someone you love. Your thank you gift in the form of a donation provides our team of healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need to provide the best care possible.

On behalf of the patients we serve - THANK YOU!

The health-related information and resources within this site are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care that patients receive from their healthcare providers. Communication with your physician is your most important tool in determining the specific treatment that is best for you.

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  • Rib Lake: 715-427-5701
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Review the Aspirus Network insurance plans. - we are also a provider with the following plans:
   Managed Health Services
   Network Health Plan (a Badgercare HMO)
   Security Health Plan (a Badgercare HMO)

Use the Find a Doctor tool to identify the medical professional who best meets your needs.

Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics continually offers health and wellness educational events and screenings that may be of interest to you or your family. Bookmark our Classes & Events.

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