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New Arrivals
Name Time of Birth Parent(s)
B Russell Z Apr 19, 2014
4:09 AM
Catherine and Eugene
B Angus Glen Apr 17, 2014
7:49 PM
Roxanne and Jerod
G Sofia Isabela Apr 16, 2014
9:01 AM
B Michael Charles Apr 16, 2014
12:17 AM
Ruth and Cody
B Cruz Evan Apr 14, 2014
8:31 PM
Celina and Jeff
G Kya Lynn Apr 14, 2014
5:59 AM
Jessica and Travis
G Ariyana Bella Apr 13, 2014
3:33 PM
B Ashtyn Merle Apr 13, 2014
3:21 PM
B Gavin Allen Apr 13, 2014
12:41 PM
G Novalee Joy Apr 11, 2014
9:04 PM
Amy & Leon
G Chloe Cadance Apr 10, 2014
8:05 PM
Jennifer and Jeremy
B Matthew Aaron Apr 9, 2014
6:52 AM
Rogelita & Aaron
G Brynnlee Harper Apr 8, 2014
8:28 AM
Kristina & Eric
B Thomas John-Browning Apr 8, 2014
6:15 AM
Barbara & Thomas
B Matthew Avery Apr 2, 2014
8:16 PM
Anna and Josh

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