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I Would Choose Water Birth Again 06.12.2014

Aspirus Medford Hospital offers a variety of different delivery options for expectant mothers. Water births are one o ... More »

Emergency Surgery for Ruptured Appendix 03.21.2014

“I woke up with a lot of pain in my abdominal area,” s ... More »

Emergent Care at Home 03.04.2014

George Shattuck, of Medford, was enjoying time visiting his grandkids in Texas. During the trip, George started havin ... More »

Better Than Ever 11.19.2013

YOU NEED A NEW KNEE – AGAIN...These words came as no surprise to Randy Klieforth, of Abbotsfor ... More »

Life Altering Care 11.14.2013

LaVern Hahn, of Medford, worked hard his entire life. He held down at least two jobs at all times during his adult li ... More »

People Make the Difference 10.28.2013

On December 20, 2012, Gale Barrett Raasch, of Stetsonville, had a fall that sent her to Memorial Health Center’ ... More »

Move to Improve Changed My Life 10.15.2013

Move to Improve Families launched February 2013 with about 35 people ... More »

Ties That Bond - Stroke Support 10.15.2013

On a seemingly ordinary day in September of 2008, Deanne F., of Medford, was preparing for her day when she noticed w ... More »

One Month from Mammo to Mastectomy 10.03.2013

 Veronica Warner, of Medford, has always been proactive with her health. She stays active and always schedules h ... More »

My Breast Self-Exam Saved My Life 10.03.2013

On a seemingly normal day, Patty Krug of Medford performed her routi ... More »

The Lump She Never Felt 10.03.2013

When Lois Berg, of Ogema, went to Memorial Health Center for her annual physical in May of 2012, the radiologist saw ... More »

When Spots Change Shape 10.03.2013

In 2004, Debra Perkins, of Phillips, found a lump in her breast, which turned out to be an encapsulated benign (non-c ... More »

"It just didn't feel right" 08.29.2013

Everett F., of Medford, first experienced the feeling that something wasn’t quite ... More »

Emergency Staff "An Asset" 06.20.2013

In the spring of 2013, a patient shared the following note of ... More »

"Making a nasty situation a lot easier" 06.20.2013

Patients appreciate the excellent care and compassionate attention ... More »

A Solution for Painful Varicose Veins 04.02.2013

Deb Z., of Rib Lake, dealt with her painful varicose veins in the ... More »

An Accident Wasn’t on His ‘Bucket List’ 12.20.2012

Patients appreciate the excellent ca ... More »

Mitch's Story 12.06.2012

An accident at the Medford Curling Club lef ... More »

No More Tummy Trouble 11.05.2012

When 3-year-old Wyatt S., of Dorchester, started having flu-like symptoms and developed a mild fever, his mom, Karin, ... More »

New Knees Relieve Old Pain 11.05.2012

Kate S., of Athens, had her first total knee-replacement surgery in October 2010. The pain had just become too great ... More »

A Lesson Well-Learned 11.05.2012

When an insulin injection sent Genevieve D., of Gilman, into a diabetic coma, 6-year-old Melissa C. came to her grand ... More »

100 Treatments and Counting 11.05.2012

In August 2012, Lambert “Red” B., of Medford, celebrated his 100th cancer treatment. It may no ... More »

Time for a New Knee 11.02.2012

“When it got to the point I couldn’t sleep at night because of the pain, I knew it was time to do somethi ... More »

Detect heart disease early— before you have symptoms 10.06.2012

Elisabeth G., of Medford, decided to have a cardiac calcium scoring exam at Memorial Health Center ( ... More »

I Was in Severe Pain 10.17.2009

I just wanted to let you know of the experience I had at Memorial Health Center's ER (emergency room) yesterday ... More »

Henry’s Story 01.16.2009

As a boy, I considered my family to be typical. Later; however, I was faced with both parents having open-heart ... More »

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